Check my Facebook page for appearances around the Twin Cities.

Wired magazine named me a top 100 geeks to follow on Twitter! I’m touched! Annnnd now the pressure’s on!

KCRW’s Unfictional on the theme of Caught!

Talked to Nick Zaino at Kirkus Reviews about Employee Of the Month And Other Big Deals.

Got to hang with my friend, the hilarious and wonderful Jackie Kashian, for a live podcast of The Dork Forest whilst she was in Austin a few weeks back.

Had a delightful conversation with Margy Rochlin of the L.A. Weekly about “Man Saved By Condiments.”

So this happened: I was named one of the top ten Delightfully Hammy Villain Performances by ToplessRobot.com. Thanks? I think?

Are you listening, Time magazine?!? I am a Person of The Week!