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Ruth Larson Lives! A Lifestyle Vlog for Living Life!  

Check out my web series, created with the help of some of my funniest and most excellentist friends. []


Check out RiffTrax, and Bridget Jones’ and my hilarious movie commentaries. Here’s just a sample of the many shorts and features we’ve riffed:

America Obscurious

Coming soon to a platform near you! America Obscurious is a television series that explores the untold stories of yesteryear as documented in the film collection of Roy Huhaas – just a gym teacher from Henderson, MN who happens to have one of the greatest historical film archives ever discovered. Featuring MST3K alum Kevin Murphy, Trace Beaulieu, Brad Keeley, Beez McKeever, and yours truly!


3rd And 40

Finally, the long overlooked field of sports get their due in this podcast by and for people who know – and care – nothing for sports! With pals Emily Ziring and Ken Dahler.

KCRW’s Unfictional on the theme of Caught!


Employee of The Month And Other Big Deals


Okay, so it’s a few years old (cough cough) but you can never take away my Employee of the Month Award from 1993. This book chronicles the rise and fall of my journey from Employee of The Month to Mystery Science Theater 3000 to SCUBA diving to my life as part of the political dynasty of Circle Pines, Minnesota.